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What if this happened to your law firm?

Small and mid-sized law firms are not immune to cyber attacks. Enjoy peace of mind from cyber crime with HSB Total Cyber™

Protect Your Firm

What if this happened to your business?

With a cyber attack occuring every 20 seconds1 and small businesses targeted three times more than large companies,2 it's time to protect your company with HSB Cyber insurance.

A phishing attack costs your business too much money


of all breaches are phishing, causing $12 billion in business losses. Smishing (phishing with SMS texts) is gaining in popularity as well.3

A data breach shuts
you down


of small companies go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or cyber attack.4

A ransomware attack crushes your reputation


of ransomware attacks target small businesses,5 who often don't have the resources to mount a PR campaign to gain back lost trust.

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Find peace of mind with cyber insurance from HSB

With HSB Cyber Insurance, you can more effectively withstand an unprecedented cyber attack from threats such as data breaches, fraud, identity theft and more. 

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Comprehensive Coverage for these cyber threats

Data Breach

When sensitive information is exposed or stolen, businesses must respond.

Cover your costs with Data Compromise Response Expense coverage.

Covers costs resulting from a breach of personally identifiable information, such as IT Forensics, Legal, Crisis Management, Notification, Services to Affected Individuals, and Regulatory and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Fines and Penalties.

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Financial Fraud

Cyber criminals target businesses of all sizes to deceive and profit.

Combat loss with coverage for fraud.

Pays for direct financial loss from a criminal deception or other cyber fraud event, including Misdirected Payment Fraud.

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Cyber Extortion

Business data can be held for ransom.

Restore with coverage for Cyber Extortion.

Pays the cost of an investigator or negotiator retained by you after an extortion threat and amounts paid by you in response to the threat.

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Computer attack

Hackers target business systems to exploit any weaknesses.

Recover with Computer attack coverage.

Covers system restoration, data restoration, and data re-creation resulting from unauthorized access, malware, or a DDoS attack on your networks.  Also, covers your loss of business income resulting from a computer attack.

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Cyber Liability

The threat of legal action against a business due to a cyber event is real.

Defend threats with coverage for legal costs (attorney fees and settlement costs):

  • Data Compromise Liability - If you are sued for losing your customers' personal information
  • Network Security Liability - If you are sued for spreading malware, causing a DDOS attack, losing corporate data, or failing to permit authorized access to a system
  • Electronic Media Liability - If you are sued for infringement, defamation, or violating a person's privacy as a result of your online publications
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Identity Theft

Identity theft victims can spend months and thousands of dollars to regain control of their identity records.

Get peace of mind.

Covers identity recovery services and expense reimbursement resulting from identity theft of owners or partners of the business and their spouses.

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What makes HSB Cyber Insurance better?

Count on HSB

Besides cyber insurance protection, HSB provides small businesses with:

Innovative tools to help prevent cyber attacks

Cyber Safety, powered by Zeguro™, offers cybersecurity training, website and web app monitoring, and security policies businesses can customize and use. 

Risk management advice

Loss prevention services can include pre-event legal and cybersecurity risk consulting to fit your business needs.

Expert claims handling

Dedicated cyber claim specialists are available 24/7 to respond to a cyber event, mitigate loss, maximize coverage, and speed recovery.


Coverage is provided by The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (“HSB”). Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Bultman Financial Services, Inc. (“Bultman Financial”) and HSB Associates, Inc. (“HSB Associates”) are licensed P&C insurance producers. Bultman Financial and HSB Associates receive compensation based on certain insurance policies sold by HSB. Further information is available upon request.

  1. 2019 Zogby Analytics study sponsored by HSB

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